Monday, September 27, 2010

Quick Hits: New Music

Out October 12th, The Age of Adz is the long-awaited follow-up to Come on Feel the Illinoise. Word has it that Stevens traded folk influences and acoustic timbres for glitchy electronic rhythms. Typically, I am a fan of change because when an artist makes three albums in a row, they become Creed. I expect good things from the Age of Adz.

A band fronted by José González, a famed Swedish singer-songwriter of Argentine origins. In content and feel, Fields resembles the González’s collaboration with Zero 7. José’s trademark voice and nylon-stringed guitar mold particularly well with electronic tones.

This New York band bears raw tonal qualities and well-crafted melodies. Lisbon is one part hipster music and one part catchy hooks. Every time I spin the record, it sounds better than the last time I listened.


  1. Did you hear Sufjan's album yet? You can stream it from NPR. Very, good. Also, we got it yesterday b/c of the mp3 pre order.

  2. I have heard it. It is very different but I really like it.